miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

Doll Design, by Mitzael.....Special Order

My friend Mitzael drew this cute doll:

"As the drawing, please....with the dress and headband in the circles" 

Then he asked me if  I could weave it....and I said: Yes, of course!!!
and so it was:

side view:

the cute face:

the little red headband:

for perverts,  hahahahaha!!!
who's like see the asses of everything and everyone, back view:

Do you have drawing something? 
do you want I make crocheted it for you? 
email me!!!:

another stuff:
I love the chocolate cake!!!
My boyfriend Cesar and I meet a friend
who's sell cakes and jell-o....
the cake flavor "Opera" is my fav.....(the cake dark chocolate in the dish)...
another cakes are good but, I tasted this and I come be addicted...
Maybe I will be inspired to make something with this pics I took in the stand of our friend....

chocolate roll cake:

fruits and cream cake:

cheese and strawberry cake:

fudge cake:

Today, I can't stop to hear this:

Dedicated for all yours, my little cute fatty bunnies...

Thank you for your visit, fat bunny,
 I send to you, thousand cake carrot kisses....

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