sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011

Snowman Amigurumi for Isabel and Antonio.....

I met Isabel and Antonio in the flea market of San Gabriel and they asked me if I could make a snowman.....of course!!!!
This is the result.....
bottom of the doll:
the tiny scarf and the orange nose of carrot:

the black top hat, so elegant and fancy!!!!:

This little guy is already in house of Isa and Toño.....

When I was working in this doll, I painted my hands with a marker.....I love write and make a crazy draws in my hands...Maguii Magosha, Vane and Edith, girls, what do you think about this???
Thank you for your visit, stinking bunnies!!!!
thousand kisses for you!!!!

lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Ursus Maritimus....Polar Bear Face Hat....

My friend Mariana help me to show this Polar Bear Face Hat, crocheted in acrylic yarn white, cozy and warmy, with eyes of felt and pearls....She looks so cute!!!!

The amigurumi bunny in her arms can be made to order.......The bunnys will never be the same, each one is special and unique......They can be made in one color or many colors like that Mariana is in the picture .... contact me if you want your bunny....thanks for your visit, I send you thousand kisses, stinky bunny!!!!!

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Grizzly Bear Face Hat....

This is my Grizzly Bear Face Hat, this cute little girl help me to showing how looks this crocheted hat in brown color:

Mom do you see, she face doesn't appear in the shot? Don't worry!!!!

Made to order, I accept payments in Cash, via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard,
visit my Shops online to check my items: www.cositasbonitas.com.mx
thank you for your visit lindos conejitos, thousand kisses for you!

miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

Elmo Crochet Scarf.....

Esta bufanda tejida a crochet con la cara de Elmo de Sesame Street, es para Gloria.....cuando las cosas se hacen con paciencia, amor y cariño salen asi de bonitas:

Hecha totalmente a mano, con ojos de estambre blanco aplicacion de pupilas y boca de fieltro negro y nariz de estambre acrilico naranja.....piezas cosidas a mano, una por una por la parte de atras.....
Recuerden que si quieren una igual (por encargo solamente) me pueden contactar enavatell@gmail.com o visiten mi tienda www.cositasbonitas.com.mx

gracias por tu visita horrible conejito, mil besos para ti!!!! ......<(*v*)>

lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

Mittens Crocheted With Bear Face.......

El día de hoy fui a buscar el estambre que brilla en la oscuridad, para las medusas de Carolina y Rodrigo, pero esta descontinuado en la única tienda donde estaba disponible........ya hablaremos si realmente la quieren para pedir el estambre en una tienda especial en E.U., por que en realidad quiero hacerla pero no se si les convenga el costo, que aumenta por el material especial.....se verán increibles las medusas brillando en la oscuridad!

Hablando de otra cosa, estoy terminando de hacer guantes en forma de hamburguesa, con paletas, de Kitty y reino fungi en mi mano........

Aqui Gaby me ayudó modelando los mitones con cara de oso.......

Las palmas de los mitones:

Giro, giro para volver a ver los mitones....tejidos en acrilico café con ojitos y trompa de fieltro cosidos a mano y brillito de perla......

Gracias a todos mis horribles conejitos por leerme y visitarme, estamos en contacto!!!! les envio a todos mil besos!!!!

sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011

More Bunnies......Super Cute Crochet Bunny Slippers

I made a pair for Tali, and they are more fun than I'd like to admit......

They have a double thickness sole for durability and comfort, black button eyes, and a contrasting color nose and ears that you can wiggle with your toes.
Medium is foot size 7-8
Large is foot size 9-10

Keep your feet cozy and look good doing it in a pair of Super Cute Crochet Bunny Slippers!

I make these slippers to order, so you must allow up to 7 days (more like 3-4) before shipping. Contact me if you are interested
or visit my shops: www.cositasbonitas.com.mx

Thank you for your visit sweet little bunnies!!!


viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

Crochet Fingerless Gloves .....Bunny Crochet Arm Warmers......

Today I finished this fingerless and Gaby helped me modeling these crochet gloves with rabbit face:

Hoy termine estos guantes y Gaby me ayudo modelando estos guantes de crochet con cara de conejo:
cute black eyes with pearls....I made it in acrilyc yarn white and ears in yarn baby pink :

lindos ojos negros con perlas....los hice en estambre acrilico blanco y las orejas en estambre rosa bebe:
palms of fingerless:

palmas de los guantes:

Visit my Etsy shop or send me a email if you want a pair like this......

Visita mi Etsy shop o enviame email si tu quieres un par como estos......


thank you for your visit, creepy bunny!!!!

gracias por tu visita conejito horroroso!!!!

martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Strawberry Shoulder Long Strap Bag Crocheted...

Adriana me encargo esta bolsa de fresa tejida......y no ha pasado por ella....=(

Adriana asked me this bag of strawberry crocheted......and she has not come for it....=(

Ady si lees este post, solo quiero decirte que la bolsa esta lista...... esta esperandote!!!!....=D

Ady if you read this post, I want to tell you the bag is ready......it waiting for you!!!!.....=D

Gracias por tu visita, horrible conejito, miles de besos para ti!!!

Thank you for your visit, creepy bunny, thousand kisses for you!!!

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Swirl Lollipops Fingerless

Two weeks ago I made this gloves....and sold it in Market Flea of Plaza Tepeyac......

Hace dos semanas que hice estos guantes...y los vendi en el Tianguis de Plaza Tepeyac......

Crocheted in acrylic yarn, baby blue color.....My customer modeling for all us, her new adquisition:

Tejidos en estambre acrilico en color azul cielo....Mi clienta modelando para todos nosostros su nueva adquisicion:

I turnes the picture upside down to show more detail of lollipops:

Giré al reves la imagen, para mostrar con mayor detalle las paletas de caramelo:

I hope you liked it, you can order a same o similar, I can change the color to your liking.....thanks for your visit, horrible bunnies I send you thousand kisses!!!.....
Espero que les haya gustado, si es asi pueden encargar unos iguales o parecidos, puedo cambiar el color a tu gusto ........gracias por su visita, horribles conejitos, les envio mil besos!!!

write me ..................... escribeme

lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!

Today was a busy day.... in the last minute I made a alien costume for my son, Sami, he was criying and claiming to me, in the morning, telling: you a liar mom!!!!! waaaaaaaaa!!!!, because I promised to him make the alien costume from the past year......and runnign to the "Parisina" buy gray fabric and.......I made a boy happy!!!

We go to the principal street today and the shocked people: Look the alien!!!!!! and we : hahahahahaha
Tomorrow I will post the pictures ......

How looks my puppé with bat wings???.........
Happy Halloween everyone!!!! creepy kisses for you!!!!!

miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Fungi Kingdom in My Hand....Brown Fingerless with Amanita Crochet...

Here we go again! I made new gloves in brown color this was the original idea in my head....as you see them?

nice!!!!!!...art to wear!!!!!!!!!!!

the littles white feets.....click the pic for close up!
don't match with my purple nails.....

one twirl.....
again twirl.....

This fingerless are ready to ship in size M, please send email to enavatell@gmail.com or visit my shop on Dawanda or Etsy<-----click the link if you want buy them....


thank you for your visit, thousand kisses for you, creepy bunny!!!

miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Dance to not feel the cold........

I love this song!!!

I'm roaming through the night, with the moon being my companion.

The night it's cold outside, but inside my blood is boiling.

Red Velvet on pale skin, i drew first blood tonight.

Your blood flows on white snow.

You'll be my prize tonight.

Don't turn around, just run away.

I am the hunter, you are my prey. No one will stand between us.

And when you think you have escaped, my shiny blade with bring you down, And i enjoy while life emerges you.

martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Fungi Kingdom in My Hand....Beige Fingerless Amanita Crochet...

I had this crazy idea in my head, make a pair of gloves with tiny crochet sculptures....you kow me I love amanita mushrooms and this was the result:

isn't the cutest tiny mushrooms?

click on the picture, for the close up:

Furry yarn around the littles amanita mushroom, shiny like wet real green grass:

These gloves rock!!!!: (lol)

view of the palm of the hand:

for now they are ready in beige color:

fungi kingdom in my hand........

other natural colors, coming soon.......

someone wants homemade chocolate truffles?

If you want a fingerless like this, write me, my email is enavatell@gmail, o visit my shops

thank you for your visit little creepy bunny, thousand kisses for you!!!

Cookie Monster Gloves...

Hace un buen de tiempo, que hice estos fingerless para Adriana, me inspirò la bufanda de este post....la recuerdan?

subi las fotos al Facebook, pero habia olvidado bloggearlos.....alguien quiere unos como estos?

ya lo saben, mi correo es enavatell@gmail, o visiten mis shops http://www.etsy.com/shop/blackmoon o http://en.dawanda.com/shop/Metztliltic

Plis.... un poco de paciencia con mi pagina personal, en esas estoy, tratando de arreglar el problema.....

gracias por tu visita te mando mil besos!!!


In the last days, I fell into a new adiction: eat multicolored candies.......ducks and bunnys (Yesterday) .....

this is not like japanese kompeitô, but I imagine that must be taste the same way....
another day (saturday) I ate this stars candies......

hehehe, cello bags, no glass bottles as Kobato bottle of kompeitô: (giggles)

a rainbow line of stars candies!!!:

and the candies of season (Friday) :
bones and bats, white, black and orange:

looks yummy, yummy !!!
bones and more sweet bones (Thursday):

countdown to Halloween and Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead), my favorite date of the calendar, and I will be have more candies: TRICK OR TREAT ! ..................muahahahahaha!!!!!!

thousand kisses to everybunnys.....xoxo