miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

Baby I'm dinosaur, Rawr!

Hi everyone! here i introduce you the little baby dinosaur...

The boy who's buyed it, say to his father:
Dad this is a  baby Godzilla! 
yay! And I said: No, is just a baby dinosaur....look at it!

the baby dinosaur (side view)

I received the mail from Ci, from Tabasco 
and she ask to me, about the Rawr's (check this)
and maybe the next week 1 or 2 Rawr's 
will be adopted in a new home in Villahermosa.....

talking about other stuff....
I liked this video:

I think the video is very well done and the music is catchy ....

Tomorrow is the concert of HIM!!!
I have my ticket!!! 
I love Ville Valo and Lion Eye.....
OMS....THAT MEN!!!! WOW!!!
I will post the pics of the concert....I promise!!!!

one more:
I love the pastel goth.....
the pastel colors is the new blackest colors,

maybe in my stand shop of Cositas Bonitas in J-fest 6th edition,
(April, 12th and 13th,  2014)
stand shop #52, Shibuya District, ExpoReforma, Mexico City....

you can will found in my shop some pastel goth accesories, 
and more beautifull things ....
what do you say?  you like it? 

Don't forget, visit me, and take a picture with me...
Im so glad to see my pictures with you in your blog!!!

Thank you for your visit, pastelgoth bunnies, 
I send you thousand kisses for you!!!

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