martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Fungi Kingdom in My Hand....Beige Fingerless Amanita Crochet...

I had this crazy idea in my head, make a pair of gloves with tiny crochet kow me I love amanita mushrooms and this was the result:

isn't the cutest tiny mushrooms?

click on the picture, for the close up:

Furry yarn around the littles amanita mushroom, shiny like wet real green grass:

These gloves rock!!!!: (lol)

view of the palm of the hand:

for now they are ready in beige color:

fungi kingdom in my hand........

other natural colors, coming soon.......

someone wants homemade chocolate truffles?

If you want a fingerless like this, write me, my email is enavatell@gmail, o visit my shops

thank you for your visit little creepy bunny, thousand kisses for you!!!

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