lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Hot PInk Hat Crochet for Chihuahua Dogs.....

Hi, everyone!!!! 
Do you remember this?:

Yes!!! the hot pink hat for chihuahua dogs!!!
This is "Panchita", the Chihuahua dog of my friend Jackie:

Jackie ask me if I can made a hat for Panchita with pig face....
and I said "Of course, Yes!!!

Panchita looks so cute with her little pig hat..

The hats for chihuahua dogs were sucess,
 and "Canela" 
(chihuahua dog of my friend Mary)
immediately wanted her hat too....

If you Chihuahua dog wants the hat of pig face,
 or bear face, or chick face, or your favorite animal face,
 contact me:
I shipping to Mexico and Worldwide....

Thank you for your visit, little bunny, 
I send you thousand kisses!!!

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