viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

BMO Adventure Time, Fingerless Crochet....

Hi everyone! 
 Today I want to show you the fingerless of BMO of Adventure Time:

look the little smile faces!
I made this gloves for Yos, my new little friend, 
and she is sister of Hell-en....
Yos is a little girl who love Adventure me!!!!
My favorite is Marceline, The Vampire Queen
 and the Bubble Gumm Princess....

this is the palm of the gloves:

crocheted in acrylic aqua yarn and apliques of felt fabric....
the eyes are beads and the smile is embroidery with black thread.....

Do you want your gloves like this? contact me! 

thank you for your visit, little bunny, thousand kisses for you!!!

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