martes, 7 de agosto de 2012


I forgot show to you the details of the little bag cupcakes.....and here is:
 pink color (strawberry flavor)

yellow color (vanilla flavor)

aqua color (mint flavor maybe?)

the strawberry can be a pin
 (you can put in your shirt or sweater or hair....
(with caution, because you can be hurt you)
how in the hair?
 well you can put the pin in the elastic of your pony tail......

In this moment, I hear this:

I love this sog....!!!!

Yesterday, Coco and Tali tell me: 
Mom, why you dont wear like this?
and I say: are your crazy? maybe in the 90's....
Well, well well, maybe someday, only if I don't brush my hair like they.....

talking about other stuff:

I feel sometimes that my work isn't well paid...
is really frustrating the bargainings and the classic question:
is the least?

or like that guy who comes and says loudly: why so expensive?
think my work is a product of Chinese slaves?
 If it is so easy to do, Mr, because you do not? 
I hope nobody feel ofended with my thoughts, 
or what would you do in my place?

Truly, I don't perceive great salary with my job 
but really I adore that I do....and
 I adore more that you like my job!!!!
Thank you by your support sweetie bunnie! 

other stuff:
Maguii call me in the affternoon 
and ask me a bunny-pig hat crocheted.....
I see the image and seems so nice! 
makes not just one, but reserve yours (if you want one) ....
you know:
(I will post later, ok?)

other thing:
Don't you hate be sick?
Damn it!!!
I forget my date with my doctor....she will scold me.....

one more:
Today I still yet looking a amazing silver shoes.....
I would like found some similar
I am crazy for that shoes!!!!

the last thing and will go on:
I made BabaGanoush and 
the Tahini was homemade from the start.... 
Seriously, I was very afraid about the flavor
(remember: I feed 3 kids, and they are so difficult to convince)
but  I follow the recipe step to step and the dish was a success!!!
(no crackers to avoid the temptation of the sick: me)

thank you for your visit cute bunny, thousand kisses for you!

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