jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

Son Goku 4 Stars Ball....

"Find the Dragon Balls! Look out for them all!
Come and hunt those Dragon Balls with me.
Gotta heed the call of magic Dragon Balls!
What a great adventure this will be.
Set a course for action, adventure doesn’t wait!
A fantastic journey for your dreams -- a thrilling mystery!"......

that's my favorite part of the OP of Dragon Ball.....and this ball of 4 stars made by me.....

This is a cute picture of my grandson, he is very hungry, 
and he spend all the time eating everything he finds:

a few days  ago, I found the sweet gum candy of Monster High.....

have a shape of the skull with ribbon: 

I like the raining days because after the rain,  you can see the rainbow,
 the rainbows are other of my favorite things:

I love the rainbows!!!

The jelly fishes or 4 stars ball will add magic to your car as mine, are in sale, just ask me: enavatell@gmail.com

Thank you for your visit, cute bunny........thousand kisses for you.....

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