lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

Blue Angry Bird Hat and Baby Squids......

This hat is for the son Dione and Genaro....
I hope they like it too much!
 contact me if you want one like this...

 I'm hearing this right now:

I killing loneliness with you!!! =D


Today, I was choosed tiny baby squids, I picked 2 pounds, (I like it, I can't stop to eating!)
 and there were two gentlemans buying tilapias,
 and they ask to me,  how I will cook the squids.....
I answer: I will cook "kimchi"  is a korean recipe and pasta with squids, tomato sauce, basil, onion, garlic, olives and capers.....with a glass of red wine...... mmmm!!!,

And they ask again: but, how you to do it?
-the recipe of kimchi  be in Youtube-,  I said
and  they said: tell me your phone number,
I want to know the recipe and I want you tell us how to do it...."

That men so lazy..!! (I thought) they can't search on line how make something with squids? Ahhh!!!

"Hehe"....that's my answer, when I look to the eyes to Cesar,
(he stay there, with his mocking  little smile, you saying 
"Chaparrita you got the touch, they are crazy for you"!!!"

Thanks for the compliment sir," I said, "but the kimchi recipe's, must be on Youtube."....

Cesar, these men don't flirt with me, they are gay....ok?
they are couple,  dork! Stop to fun of me, please.....
 I said to him  when we leave the place....(rolling eyes)

Whatever....... I love the Maanchi recipes, I don't taste all her recipes yet,
 and this time I can share with you her fabulous site:
Try something diferent, make some hot dishes and then you tell me wich you did....

Thank you for reading me, baby rabbits, thousand kisses for you....

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